UnionPay in African Online Casinos

Stop Mediocre Transactions on African Casinos – Choose UnionPay Solutions Today! One of the foremost wonders of the financial sector for the 21st century – that is, UnionPay, only opened its doors in 2002. However, the payment system never went mainstream globally until 2006.  

As of today, UnionPay’s payment solutions are acceptable across 181 countries, extending across Africa’s beautiful mountain plains and flatlands. No wonder many African online casinos have adopted its use for transactions on their sites.

Only VISA and Mastercard can rival the reach and usefulness of this banking system in 2023. Find out more about what makes UnionPay unique and why you should choose it for your deposits and withdrawals while betting on African online casinos.

Care to Know What Makes UnionPay Special?

  1. Available Everywhere You Go: This property distinguishes this banking method from its peers. No matter where you are in Africa, be it North, West, East, or South, you can pay with UnionPay on the top gambling sites of your choice. 
  2. Express Payments: You can choose between mobile or card payment solutions. The mobile option allows you to pay directly into your gambling account from your phone. For the latter, you will need to provide your card details.
  3. Versatility Across Board: For the mobile banking solution, you can download the UnionPay app onto mobile phones with iOS, Android, and Windows operating systems. You can also use the application on simple smartphones and sophisticated tablets. 
  4. Bonuses and Rewards: UnionPay has chosen to enhance the loyalty of its users by providing certain benefits as they cross significant milestones on card level and consumption behavior. Global card benefits are available to designated regions, including some in Africa. 

What Other Users of UnionPay Have to Say and More

The users of this payment method are spread across over 50 African countries, from the Westernmost coastlines in Senegal to the Northernmost deserts in Egypt. Many customers find UnionPay most acceptable due to its mobile payment properties and ease of set-up. 

Its QR-code payment option makes it even more popular among African bettors. Also, due to its high-security portfolio and anti-laundering policy, punters across Africa trust its transactional capabilities the most, knowing their fund is safe in transit. 

Negative Influences of UnionPay on African Gamblers’ Transactional Prowess

Of course, we can point to more than a few advantages of paying with this banking system. However, some minor concerns may arise when carrying out UnionPay transactions in gambling casinos in Africa, and they include the following:

  1. Transactional fees: Unfortunately, whenever you make a deposit or withdrawal, certain costs do go with them. The amount you lose depends on how much your linked banking institution charges for these transactions. 
  2. Issuance problem: You can use the UnionPay banking solutions in almost all countries. However, the issuance of cards is only possible in less than half of these countries, leaving most of Africa in this harsh reality.

Be a Master of Your Deposits with UnionPay

First, you should know that UnionPay shares operational technicalities with Visa and Mastercard, meaning you must have linked your card to an issuing African bank in your region. 

In addition, the online casino you have chosen must allow for payments through the banking system in review. Follow the steps below to deposit into your online casino account using UnionPay:

Enjoy your Gambling Rewards Through UnionPay Withdrawals

Kindly confirm that your African online casino allows withdrawals through this payment system. If yes, follow the simple steps below to give your returns a worthy homecoming:

Defy Worldly Limits with UnionPay Payment Strategies 

Depending on the issuing bank and the gambling platform, you may deposit up to $50,000 per transaction. Usually, deposits are instant and free of charge. Depending on your chosen African online casino, the deposit limit may go higher than stated. 

Moreover, withdrawal limits may go only as high as $30,000 per transaction. These withdrawals, on the other hand, may come along with up to 2.25% charges. Note that you can always find information on limits on respective African gambling sites.

Unpack Unreal Inventories by Banking with UnionPay

You need not go through any hassle to start enjoying the benefits of UnionPay in 2023. All you must do you shall find below:

  1. Own a UnionPay-supported bank account: Be sure to open an account with an African banking institution that supports UnionPay payments.
  2. Opt for Online Banking Services: Activate banking online with UnionPay solutions.
  3. Apply for UnionPay Card: You can do most of the application online, depending on your issuing bank. You should receive your card within three banking days.
  4. Start Transacting Effortlessly: Once you have your card activated for online transactions through your issuing bank, you can proceed to use it for your deposit transactions. Inadvertently, you can choose to withdraw your funds to the respective card issuing bank.


What does UnionPay stand for?

In the simplest of terms, UnionPay is comparable to Visa, Maestro, and Mastercard. Its prepaid card solutions are top-rated and acceptable across almost all 54 countries in Africa and 181 countries globally.

Will I pay charges for my transactions?

There is a general answer that goes with this question, which is yes. However, there is no stipulated amount as it varies depending on what bank issued your UnionPay card or what African online casino you are gambling on.

Do UnionPay services cover top-ups and cashouts?

Yes. Fortunately for African gamblers, they can either deposit instantly or withdraw using UnionPay. However, this allowance depends on whether your preferred gambling site offers this payment option for the two transactional types.

How do I get my UnionPay card?

There are two ways to get your card, depending on what kind. If it is prepaid, you can do all your application online, and in no more than three days, your card will arrive at your doorstep. However, for credit and debit UnionPay cards, you must go down to your issuing bank to get them. 

How do I reach out for help in case of payment discrepancies?

You can use two channels to get help in case you need any with the UnionPay banking system. They are:

  1. Telephone:  27-102860199.
  2. E-mail: africa@unionpayintl.com.


With the card payment solution at UnionPay, you can safely deposit and withdraw funds in and out of your gambling account with little or no charge incurred. All you need to do is set up with a UnionPay issuing bank, activate online banking services, and request a card. 

Enjoy the best banking services when you choose to transact using UnionPay. Take your gambling experiences to a whole new level in African online casinos with this banking system. You can use UnionPay almost anywhere you go in Africa.