The Safari Pay Card at African Online Casinos

Apple is appreciated for its universality; this feature has been imported into all its products, including the safari pay card. Users worldwide can access the Safari Pay card for transactions and online casino payments

This contactless payment method upholds the infamous brand’s reputation for developing top-rated technological products worldwide. Safari Pay Card was launched in 2014 and is a safe and secure payment service system. Thus, it’s known for its affiliation with the famous Apple brand. It has also been popularized and used due to its high security, convenience in service, and private, quick and easy transactions. 

Additionally, these transactions can be carried out by users around the globe on smartphones, web and desktops. Countries and regions have also supported it as a payment method. As a result, it is beginning to be increasingly extended as a top deposit method in online casinos in Africa.

Safari Pay Card: Reaching Out to Its Unique Benefits

Deficiencies of the Safari Pay Card in Africa

Getting to Know Safari Pay Card from an African iGaming Perspective

Safari Pay Card was created to end the era of traditional Card payments. Before its launch, the payment service was founded by a combination of four companies, including American Visa, MasterCard, Visa and Apple, to truncate conventional Card payments and launch swift payments using smartphones and contactless cards. 

While Safari Pay Card was eventually created solely by Apple, it worked to fulfil its underlying purpose and became successful, like every other Apple product. It is currently used in many countries as a payment method, including top companies such as Starbucks and KFC. It’s no wonder it is also endorsed by various online casinos in different locations.  

However, Safari Pay Card’s operation in Nigeria is only in its infancy. In March of 2021, the payment service made its way into Africa, with South Africa as the first African country being supported. So, while it has been operating for years, its introduction in Africa is still behind time. Although the company’s entrance into the borders of South Africa signals a potentiality to increase its base in the continent, it is unarguable that this process, if in motion, has been dilly-dallied for unknown reasons. So, as it is, within the ambits of Africa,  only gamblers in South Africa can use and enjoy the Safari Pay Card. But suppose you find yourself in countries or regions where this payment method is supported; this guide will come in handy.

Initiating Transactions with Safari Pay Card on African Online Casinos


  1. Log in: Register or log in to your existing casino account. Ensure this casino shippers Safari Pay Card as a payment method
  2. Go to the cashier: Head to the casino site’s cashier section or payment page to begin the deposit process.
  3. Choose Safari Pay: From the list of payment options, select Safari Pay or Apple Pay, as the case may be.
  4. Input transaction details: Type in your desired deposit amount and card details.
  5. Confirm the transaction and check balance: Your money will immediately be transferred to your casino account once you’re done.


While this banking method is a proven and secure choice for most gamblers, casinos do not use it as a withdrawal method because the software does not support the feature. Therefore, players using this wallet must find alternative withdrawal options, such as digital wallets or bank transfers.

Safari Pay Card Cost and Limits in African Online Casinos

Safari Pay has won hearts with its cost-effective payment system, so regardless of what transactions are carried out, there are no additional fees included. However, specific casino sites can consist of fees for deposits and withdrawals. You may affirm this from the casino’s terms and conditions.

While Safari Pay Card sets its transfer limit between $1 to $10,000, various casinos can include specific rules and limits. It’s best to check the specifics of a casino when considering signing up. 

Security Mechanisms for Safari Pay Card in Online Casinos in Africa

Safari Pay Card ensures optimal security, safari and user privacy as users make payments in apps, web and stores. The company establishes specific security standards. Some of these include:

  1. End-to-End encryption

Whatever information, including card details you add to Safari Pay Card, is encrypted and can never be accessible to the recipient server, nor is it stored or accessed by Apple. The company only keeps a part of your debit card and account number to enable your transaction. 

  1. NFC Technology

Near Field Communication (NFC) Technology is a contactless Technology that Apple uses between payment terminals and your device. This is typically used for in-store purchases, operates only for short distances, and secures your transaction.

  1. Tokenization

Apple creates a unique token for your card when making a transaction. This token is used in place of your card number to protect you and your card’s safety further. These token numbers also have a limited lifespan and change occasionally.

  1. Biometric authentication:

This feature is unsurprising because this company is known for using biometrics for all their devices’ functions. Safari Pay Card requires that you use such methods as Face ID and fingerprint authentication to verify your transactions. 

FAQ on Safari Pay Card in Online Casinos 

  1. Can I use Safari Pay Card in online casinos?

Yes, Safari Pay Card is used in various online casinos as a safe and reliable payment method.

  1. Is Safari Pay Card supported in Africa?

Unfortunately, while Safari Pay Card has been extended widely to countries in Europe and Asia, it is only supported in one African country, South Africa. So, other countries in Africa cannot use its service.

  1. Is Safari Pay safe to use?

Absolutely. Safari Pay is undeniably a safe and secure option for casino players owing to its roots in the infamous Apple. Its security system and mechanism ensure user safety and data privacy.

Conclusion: Safari Pay Card in African Online Casino Terrain

Safari Pay Card is an excellent payment service software created to ease everyday transactions and has become a go-to payment option for online casinos. Although it can only be used for deposit, its functions and ease of use compensate for the software’s few lags. However, its downside is that most Africans can’t access it. Hence, it can only be used in South Africa until other countries in Africa are reached.