Payattitude in African Online Casinos

For Seamless Transactions Online – Choose Payattitude USSD Today! This payment network emanated in 2013, after which it got its operational licence from the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN). Payattitude USSD remains one of the greatest innovations from the shores of the most populous country in West Africa – Nigeria. 

This payment scheme is in cohort with 14 banks in Nigeria and across Africa. Payattitude rides on the vision that someday, it shall become the foremost platform to look to for seamless, safe, and chargeless transactions in Africa. 

Payattitude is offering a never-seen-before innovation in Africa. You can now pay and receive payments using only your phone number and six-digit PIN code. Please find out more about this astonishing scheme in our review.

Wean Yourself Off the Stress of Walking Down to Banks 

Especially in locations where ATMs, POSs, and Banks are relatively far away, you can now use Payattitude USSD to send and receive money from your gambling accounts in your respective African locations.

So, you need not go down to banks anymore. You can now link your bank accounts with your Payattitude USSD accounts and assume ultimate control over your transactions. In the next section, learn how to become an Agent or a Merchant with Payattitude USSD.

Take Control of Your Finances and Help Others with Theirs

All has been made easy with Payattitude USSD. You can now become an agent, hence obtaining the ability to transfer funds from your account to other accounts, such as your gambling account. 

All you need to do to become a Payattitude agent is below:

If you wish to go into the business of becoming a merchant, Payattitude USSD is a suitable scheme to go with. However, being a merchant is mainly for business owners and not simple individuals looking to credit their gaming accounts to enjoy some slots or table games. 

What Tinkers the Payattitude USSD Bell in Punters?

Of course, why is this banking network gaining popularity, especially among gamblers in African online casinos? Well, do not think too far as the following are reasons for its popularity:

  1. Removes Completely the Stress of Visiting Banks and ATMs: You no longer need to visit any of these outlets. All you need to do is register with Payattitude USSD, link your bank account, and start paying into your casino wallet using your phone number.
  2. Making Deposits and Withdrawals Outside of Banking Hours: No matter the hours of the day, odd or even, you are at liberty to send or receive money. Hence, if you get a feel for some card games at midnight, Payattitude makes it possible.
  3. Little to No Transactional Charges: Unlike crude bank transactions, you do not have to pay for transfers. However, you may experience specific currency conversions, depending on your location or chosen African online casino, and this may bring particular fees.
  4. All Transactions are Mobile: All you need to do you can get done by simply using your mobile number and phone. You do not need a Point of Sale (POS) machine before you make deposits or withdrawals. 
  5. Safe, Secure, and Speedy Transactions: Your transactions are encrypted using the latest technology. Likewise, deposits are instant, while withdrawals do not take long to deliver. No wonder Payattitude is making waves in Nigeria and Africa at large.

Load Up Your Gaming Accounts with Fast Money Transfers

It is straightforward to pay into your casino wallet using Payattitude USSD. Once you have a linked account with the payment network, you can proceed to your preferred online casino and follow the steps below to make payments:

Receive Payments from Your Casino Wallets in No Time 

To cash out your winnings, ensure your chosen casino offers this withdrawal option before proceeding. 

All you need to do is enter the correct phone number linked with your Payattitude USSD account while specifying the amount you wish to withdraw. Submit this information and confirm the transaction on your mobile phone. You shall receive your funds in no more than three business days. 

Wonder Why You Should Choose Payattitude USSD?

When you know the benefits that await you when you choose to pay with this banking method, you shall have no doubts about whether to use it. They include the following:

  1. All you need is your phone number for transactions either at ATMs or online. 
  2. You no longer enter your PIN into people’s devices. Instead, you get to confirm payments on your mobile phone.
  3. You can transact safely using personal mobile phones, which ensures that only you can make these transactions.
  4. You do not have to go to a POS vendor to buy vouchers or make transfers into your casino wallets.
  5. You can make transactions anywhere in Africa and any time as long as you have your mobile phone and number.

Security and Anti-Laundering Policy

In Nigeria, for instance, you must have created a Bank Verification Number (BVN) to open a bank account. This way, your banking institution can keep up with your transactions across your various accounts while ensuring you are not breaking any rules or laundering money. 

So, by associating your bank account with your Payattitude USSD account, you must do well to be on the right side of respective anti-laundering policies. Also, your funds will be safe and secure in storage and transit. 

Likewise, this Payattitude USSD has developed a new innovation whereby you no longer have to expose your PIN by entering it on another person’s device. You will do so on your device whether you need to confirm deposits or withdrawals. 


What kinds of accounts can I create with Payattitude USSD?

You can create two account types with this payment scheme – Debit and PrepaidPlus.

How do I make complaints about failed transactions on Payattitude USSD?

If the deduction is from your linked bank account, visit the nearest branch to file a complaint. However, if the debit is from your Payattitude USSD wallet, mail or call 07008643433, 01-2703011, 01-2703021, 01-2703023 to make your complaints.

Can I use the Payattitude Digital app on my iPhone?

Yes. You can download the app from the Apple Store.

I am from Libya. Can I use Payattitude USSD?

Yes. Wherever you are in Africa, you can use this banking method to deposit and withdraw from your casino wallet.

How do I reset my Payattitude USSD pin?

Select the reset pin on your application, and follow the subsequent steps to create a new one. 


The Payattitude USSD innovation is one of the brightest to come out of Africa this decade. The Giants of Africa can indeed feel proud about this achievement. 

Thanks to them, you can now transact all you want using your phone number and designated PIN code. Start crediting your casino wallets with Payattitude USSD and start winning now.