Pay Now: Enjoy Payments with Full Transparency

There were two purposes for creating this innovation. One is to remove the need to have cash for transactions. The other is to make these payments seamless by simply carrying them out on your mobile phones. 

The first target market for Pay Now was no other than the giant of Africa, Nigeria. Once Nicholas Nome introduced this payment method in March of 2020, the innovators have been working towards warming its way to the top of the ladder.

This endeavor, however, appealed to punters in African online casinos. From the dunes of Egypt to the southernmost forests of Africa, the news of Pay Now has spread like wildfire. It is now or now, so pay now with Pay Now.

You can now top-up your gambling account right on your mobile phone. Pay Now allows you to make all your transactions at the tip of your finger. Join Pay Now and start paying faster and better.

What Makes Pay Now Different from Other Payment Systems?

The question at hand is multichoice, with the various available answers being correct. Anyway, you will come across many banking methods when surfing the web or tracking a casino online to play on.

Nevertheless, you would find options in bank or card transfers and e-wallets. The payment in review, however, falls in the category of e-wallets, but what distinguishes it from its peers is its faster and more reliable processing of fund transfers. 

As to the bank or card transfer methods, you do not need any one of these to own this Pan-African Online Mobile Money Service account. If you own a bank account, you can always credit your Pay Now wallet using it, so no harm, no foul.

How to Get Started with Pay Now

To become a Pay Now merchant is straightforward. As a merchant, you can make payments and help others with theirs. To begin, these are the steps to follow:

  1. go to your Play Store or App Store and download the Pay Now app;
  2. install the app and set up your account;
  3. once your registration is complete, send a mail to;
  4. request that you be sent the registration form for becoming a merchant;
  5. you may likewise be required to supply certain documents to verify your identity.

These documents or requirements include your BVN, a no more than 3-month utility bill showing your address, a passport photograph, and a copy of any identity document you may have – your driver’s licence, ID card, or international passport.

Break the Chains of Stringent Limits

Unfortunately, most banking solutions and African online casinos in town limit their users to transacting meagre amounts, leaving no room for usage by the high rollers or big spenders online.

However, Pay Now, in its allowances, welcomes both the casuals and the big spenders through its adjustable limits. Also, you can always find an online casino in Africa to suit your taste regarding class and spending, as these two factors go hand-in-hand.

Deposits and Withdrawals with Pay Now

Get ahead now by following our illustriously set-up plans on how to top-up your gambling account with Pay Now:

  1. Register: You must have signed up with a casino platform that offers this payment plan.
  2. Visit: Open up the gambling website, register an account, and verify your identity as necessary.
  3. Pay: Find your way to the payment section and click on deposits.
  4. Choose: Select “Pay Now.”
  5. Copy: The casino generates a payment code.
  6. Go to: Open your Pay Now app and choose the amount you wish to pay.
  7. Enter: Enter the generated payment code.
  8. Click: Press the “GO” button to finalize payment.

On the other hand, if you wish to withdraw back to your Pay Now wallet, all you need is your account number. Visit the casino’s withdrawal section, enter the amount you wish to withdraw, enter the correct account number, and you are ready. 

The Upsides to Paying with Pay Now

One of the top advantages we can point to is the fast and reliable transactions you can make on Pay Now. Unlike bank transfers and similar payments, you do not have to go to the bank or meet merchants. All you need is your mobile phone and your digital wallet.

Also, down to the African community niche, Pay Now is down to earth in satisfying its customers as much as possible. So, the entire banking system is easy to navigate, and if you come across any issues, you can reach out through:

  1. Phone call: (+234)913- 788- 5555
  2. Email:
  3. You can walk to the head office in Nigeria at 7 Ibiyinka Olorunbe, Victoria Island 101241, Lagos.

Finally, you can rest assured of this payment medium’s legitness and safety. All your fund transfers are safe with Pay Now. As you already know, if you have a problem, use any support lines to reach out for help.

Comments and Relative Perceptions by Users

We have multiple comments from individuals around Africa who have at least once used Pay Now for their payments, even those for online gambling purposes:

  1. John from Equatorial Guinea: Pay Now, fast and reliable, the only service worth it.
  2. Alexis from Ethiopia: I love this service. Thank you Pay Now.
  3. Michael from Egypt: I use it and know it is good.
  4. Nicholas from Ethiopia: Nigeria’s best-paying app.
  5. Ahmed from Mali: A trial will convince you.

Nevertheless, with the good comments come the ones that are not so good. However, as stated earlier in this article, the good qualities of this payment network system outweigh the bad ones. So, choose a gambling platform that offers the payment and start winning now!


Is the Pay Now payment network the best in Africa?

There is a lot to desire about this payment method. Having just been newly introduced in 2020, it has defied many odds and become one of Africa’s most essential banking methods for online casinos.

Is Pay Now safe?

Yes. Pay Now transactions are personal and can only be made with the account owners’ password and mobile phone and no one else.

How do I withdraw using Pay Now?

Ensure your online gambling platform offers this payment method. Select the option in the banking section and proceed with the following steps to complete your withdrawal.


We can conveniently rank the Pay Now network as one of the best Fintech payment solutions in these last few years, and there is also a lot of room for additions and improvements. 

Through our review, we hope to have been able to give you enough information to navigate the Pay Now arena and more. Even if you are outside of Africa, whenever you pop back into the continent, do not fail to remember to use this method for all your gambling-related transactions.