A Detailed Review of Bonuses at African Online Casinos

The history and realities of iGaming within the African entertainment space are always an interesting discourse. More than half of the continent’s countries still prohibit online gambling as these laws are mostly relics of colonial legislation.

But even then, the legal status of online casinos in Africa is largely unclear. This is because most countries have no specific laws restricting it as they do expressly for sports betting.

Surprisingly, interest in online gambling, especially offshore casinos, is on a trip in the continent and the reasons aren’t far-fetched. Apart from the room created by the legal ambiguity, these casinos also make considerable efforts to satisfy African players.

These are mostly reflected by offering them sumptuous bonuses and promotions. Amazing packages and offers of varying degrees and types are indeed the keys to the average African gamer’s heart.

Thus, our team of expert reviewers considers it necessary to consider everything relevant about casino bonuses and promotions in Africa. As we continue, stick around to gain knowledge and tips about the best casino bonuses and how to identify them.

Page about Online Casino Bonuses

Types of Casino Bonuses in Africa

Casino bonuses all around the world come in different categories and packages and Africa isn’t an exception. When you register, you are entitled to certain bonuses and you can even get more by consistently playing on the platform. We will now discuss these different bonus types you can find in Africa in 2023. 

No Deposit Bonus

An African casino no deposit bonus is exactly what it sounds like. It is a promotion that gives you free cash or free spins to play without making an actual deposit. This type of bonus is often not appreciated enough.

However, it is of great value if you’re trying out an African casino to see if it’s worth your money. This is why they are usually offered to new players at a casino. Some casinos also offer it as a loyalty package for existing players.

Sometimes, casinos offer them so that players can try out new games without using their own money. A no-deposit bonus might or might not come with wagering requirements.

Welcome Bonus Package

Welcome bonuses are an exclusive preserve of newcomers. When you register at an African casino, the platform may let you enjoy an offer because of your new membership. This is what we call a welcome bonus.

The bonus is an incentive used to lure new players to a casino. A welcome bonus in African casinos may require deposits or no deposit to activate, depending on the casino.

It is one of the most popular bonus types in Africa in 2023. Almost all offshore sites accepting players from the continent have their own welcome packages. A sign up bonus may also be with or without a requirement for wagering.

Free Spins

As the name implies, these are spins credited to your account to use freely on a slot game. Getting this bonus means you can spin the reels of the eligible slot machine(s) without paying money.

For example, if you get 30 free spins for a slot, you get to spin the game’s reels 30 times for free. A free spin bonus may be by deposit or without deposit.

Free spin offers are only usable on slot games. They may be part of another bonus (such as a welcome bonus) or be their own standalone promotion. They may also come with or without any requirement for wagering.

Tournaments and Challenges

A tournament or challenge is a contest of competitive wagering where players face off against one another. The aim of tournaments is to reward players based on their gambling skills and under an atmosphere of healthy competition. 

Tournaments mostly come in multiple stages and with a prize pool. The best performers share the prize pot among themselves in order of their final rankings.

To advance through the stages, you typically have to amass points by making valid bets. The more points you gather, the higher your position on the tournament’s leaderboard. Tournaments and challenges are also often periodical, with most being either weekly or monthly

Seasonal Events

Seasonal events are similar to tournaments, yet different. They are significant and unusually huge promotional events organized by a casino which allow players to earn rewards and prizes.

Unlike tournaments, seasonal events don’t happen at close intervals, such as weekly and monthly. They happen rarely, for instance annually. They also come with attractive prizes and rewards.

VIP and Loyalty Programs

VIP and loyalty programs are promotions used to reward players for consistency in playing at a casino. To be a part of such programs and to enjoy the full benefits, you must deposit and play regularly.

Loyalty rewards can come in the form of regular promotions like cashback, reloads, and free spins. Being part of an online casino’s VIP lounge entitles you to a range of exclusive benefits unavailable to regular players.

From cash rewards to free spins, access to special events and to a personal account manager, the list is long. VIP clubs are often in tiers and you have to garner points to climb up the levels. To increase your points, you have to make valid bets on eligible games.

Membership may be automatic upon registration or first deposit. It may also be upon request after meeting a certain threshold.

High-Roller Bonuses

High-roller bonuses are tailored specifically for the big spenders at online casinos. They are for players that make huge deposits and bet high.

Typically, the casino will have a threshold for what makes a high roller. That is the amount of deposit and wagering required to get the designation.

Being a high roller gets you red carpet treatment, just as VIP programs. You get special bonuses, additional free spins, access to exclusive tournaments and more.

Crypto Casino Bonuses in Africa Explained

Cryptocurrency gambling is one of the newest yet most impactful trends in the online gambling market. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, USDT and more cryptocurrencies have now become a highly preferred payment option for many players today.

This preference is gradually extending to the African online casino gaming community. To stay afloat and meet up with customers’ demands, many casinos in the continent now accept crypto as well. These casinos don’t just accept crypto for gambling, they also offer crypto casino bonuses.

Interestingly, just like regular bonuses, crypto casino bonuses are also of different types. We will now give a quick rundown of the most common crypto casino bonuses you can find in Africa today.

Deposit Crypto Casino Bonuses:

These are crypto bonuses claimable only when you make an initial deposit. Every crypto casino has a minimum deposit for such bonuses that entitles you to them. A deposit crypto bonus may be for newcomers, existing players or VIP members.

Deposit bonuses are the most common type of bonus at African crypto casinos today. While most crypto deposit bonuses come with wagering requirements, some do not, depending on the platform.

No Deposit Crypto Casino Bonuses:

Some crypto casinos operating in the African space let you claim their Bitcoin and Ethereum bonuses without depositing actual money. No deposit crypto bonuses are easy to come by but when you do, they are often worth it.

This crypto bonus may also be for any category of player, be it a newcomer or an existing member. While their appeal is understandable, note that no-deposit bonuses are often much smaller than deposit bonuses. A no deposit crypto bonus can come in the form of free spins or cash reward

Free Spin Crypto Casino Bonuses:

This category of crypto casino bonuses is exactly what it’s like at traditional casinos. These are free spins you can claim and use only on a slot game. It is a common way to get players to test or try our new slot titles at a casino.

There are also different types of free spins casino bonuses. These include No-deposit free spins, deposit-free spins, wager-less free spins, welcome-free spins and more.

Welcome Crypto Casino Bonuses:

Crypto welcome bonuses are promotions given to new players at a crypto casino. This is standard in the iGaming community and crypto casinos aren’t left out in that regard.

They may be in the form of cash bonuses, free spins, or in most cases, a combination of both. A crypto casino sign up bonus may or may not require deposits, depending on the casino. 

Crypto VIP Bonuses:

Crypto VIP bonuses are only for players that are part of a casino’s VIP club. It is a way of rewarding loyal players that bet regularly on the platform. Crypto VIP bonuses can come in different shapes depending on your tier in the program.

Cash rewards, free spins, entry to special events, a personal account manager, are some of what you get. The higher your VIP level, the higher the rewards you get. But you need to collect points to climb up the tiers. To increase your points, you have to make valid bets on eligible games.

How to Redeem a Casino Bonus in Africa 

It is generally not hard to redeem a casino bonus at an African casino. But while the process itself is simple, certain things have to be in place for it to be possible. The first of these requirements is having an account with the casino. 

Open an Account 

Irrespective of the bonus you want to redeem, you must first have an account with the casino. It is until you have completed registration that you can take advantage of anything on an iGaming platform.

Thankfully, the registration process at most African casinos is simple and straightforward except for a select few. All you need is an email, a username, a strong password, your country,your full name and your address.

Although a few operators may require more, they are few and far between. The registration process is always as follows:

Add Funds to Your Account

Once you have an account with the African casino, the next thing is to make a payment for bonus activation. The gambling operator will ordinarily provide you with multiple options for deposits. This could be credit cards, e-wallets, crypto, bank transfers or any other method.

You only need to select your preferred payment option and you can go ahead to make your deposit. The only exception here is a no-deposit bonus. You only need to have an account with the casino to claim a no-deposit bonus since deposits are not required.

In any case, most bonuses require initial deposits. For this set of bonuses, redeeming a bonus becomes as simple as ABC once funds are in your account. Let’s give a quick rundown of the process:

When it comes to welcome packages, you might not have to manually claim the bonus. In many platforms, once you register and make not less than the minimum deposit, the bonus will automatically be credited to your account.

However, it may happen that you do not receive your bonus after a considerable time. Where this happens, you should reach out to the support team for assistance.

When There’s a Bonus Code

Many times, you will need a promo code to redeem a bonus. An African casino promo code is a set of alphanumeric characters used to activate offers. The essence of these codes is for easy tracking and identification of promotional offers apart from one another.

If you fail to use a bonus code where it is needed, you won’t be able to claim the reward. Thankfully, promo codes are easy to find. Usually, it will be part of the description of the concerned bonus offer. Once you click on the promo, the code pops in a highlighted text.

Bonus Terms 101

Casino bonuses in Africa may look straightforward to the ordinary eyes, but that isn’t always the true state of things. There are certain intricacies that come with these bonuses that you must consider thoroughly before claiming them.

These are often in the form of terms and conditions. Here, we will shed more light on why you need to watch out for them before claiming any promotion.

Bonus Amount

The first thing you see when you try to activate a bonus is the amount. For instance, if the bonus is $500 on the first deposit, the first thing you notice is that $500 amount. It goes without saying that the bigger the bonus amount the better the bonus.

While bigger bonus amounts don’t mean you’ll enjoy the bonus better, it’s definitely a good way to start considering your options.

Minimum Deposit to Get the Bonus

A minimum deposit is the lowest acceptable amount you can deposit to gain eligibility for a bonus offer. In most African casinos, the minimum deposit ranges between $5 and $20, depending on the individual operator.

It is the minimum threshold you have to meet before you can claim or redeem your bonus. Casinos with low minimum deposit amounts are more recommendable for African players.

Bonus Wagering Requirement

Another important condition that cannot be overlooked when it comes to casino bonuses in Africa is the wagering requirement. You must clear the wagering requirement or playthrough requirement before you can withdraw your bonus winnings.

It is the number of times you have to wager your bonus or/and initial deposit to be able to withdraw. For instance, you may get a bonus of $200 with a 20x wagering requirement. To clear the bonus, you need to stake the $200 twenty (20) times which means a total of $4000 wagering.

In simpler terms, you have to place valid bets that total to $4000. You can spread the bets across the relevant games in whatever proportions you like. You could make a $10 spin of some slot machines 400 times or just play 80 blackjack hands at $50 per hand.

Besides, the wagering requirement may apply only to the bonus amount or both the bonus amount and deposit amount.

For example, imagine the $200 bonus we earlier mentioned is a 100% deposit match bonus. It means you will have to deposit $200 to activate it. If the 20x wagering requirement is exclusive to the bonus, you will only bet the $4000.

However, if the wagering requirement applies to both the deposit and the bonus, you will be staking more. You will need to bet a total of $8000 ($200 + $200 x 20)

Bonus Duration

Casinos in Africa and all over the world don’t make their bonuses infinitely available to you. For every bonus offer that you get, there is a validity period. This is the timeframe within which the casino expects you to use the bonus and clear the wagering requirements.

This duration varies depending on the promotion and the operator. Some bonuses have long durations — as long as 30 days — some can be as low as 3 days. Failure to use the bonus before the date of expiration makes it automatically invalid.

Maximum Bet

For every bonus you get at a casino in Africa, there’s always a maximum bet requirement. This is the highest amount you can wager at once using the bonus funds.

The maximum stake is one condition many casino players overlook or pay less attention to. It usually catches them off guard because they don’t expect them. Unfortunately, an increasing number of African offshore-based casinos now include it in their bonus terms.

An online casino may say you can’t wager more than 15% of a bonus in a single bet. So on a bonus of $200, you cannot exceed $30 in one stake.

Win and Cashout Limits

This is another term that is very popular among offshore casinos that accept African players. There’s a win limit that you can’t exceed no matter what. For instance, a casino may stipulate that the highest amount winnable in one stake is $5000.

Moreover, maximum limits on cashouts also exist in almost all of these iGaming platforms. There’s a ceiling to the amount you can withdraw at once from some bonus winnings.

Contributing Games

The issue of game contribution can be considered from two perspectives. The first angle is game eligibility for bonuses. Some bonuses, especially free spins are often credited to be used on specific titles.

For example, a casino may credit you free spins to be used on the Big Bass Bonanza slot game. By implication, using the bonus on other slot games is invalid.

Normally, African casinos will make their wagering requirements for promotions clear. However, this never depicts the full picture of what to note about the playthrough demand.

There are usually game weightings and restrictions applicable. It is not all games that will count toward wagering requirements. And even for those that count, they don’t have the same value in clearing the requirements.

More often than not, restrictive games are those with a low house edge, like blackjack. Their contribution may be as low as 5 to 10%. Slots tend to have the biggest weighting. Most casinos in Africa give them between 80 to 100% contribution value.

Therefore, ensure you are betting on games that will give you maximum points toward the playthrough demand.

Explains how to choose the best African casino bonuses

How to Pick the Best Casino Bonus in Africa

There is a multitude of online casinos in Africa today, mostly offshore sites that accept players from the continent. However, it’s not all of them that offer reasonable promotions to players. Some are deficient in this department, yet parading themselves as the best.

It can be a tricky and confusing exercise to select and identify the top operators apart from the mediocre ones. As such, we want to make the process easier for you and many other African players out there.

In this section, we will list some tips to follow before choosing an online casino bonus in Africa. By taking note of them, you are guaranteed an easy pathway toward the best bonuses only.

Play With Reliable and Safe Casinos

The first factor you should consider before committing to any bonus is the safety and credibility of the casino. A safe, secure, and reliable casino will mostly only do what aligns with the customers’ interests.

You can be sure your bonuses are valid and not fake. You can also be sure of easy deposits for bonuses and easy withdrawals for bonuses. But then, how do you know that a casino is reliable? Well, there are certain indicators for this that you should watch out for, such as:

Having a proper license shows the players are protected against scams and unfair practices.

Accepting top payment brands like PayPal, VISA, Mastercard and some e-wallets shows the casino doesn’t deal with scammers.

Watch out for premium studios like Microgaming, Pragmatic Play, Playtech, Evolution and more. These are top providers that don’t associate with anyhow casinos.

Read the Bonus Terms

It is disappointing that many casino players in Africa don’t take the time to read and understand bonus terms. Some of them get carried by the face value (bonus amount), paying attention to nothing else.

Unfortunately, there’s more to what makes a good bonus offer than just the bonus amount. Lots of promotions in many African casinos today are couched in unfavorable terms and conditions. Therefore, you must read all the terms and conditions to avoid later regrets.

If there are areas of uncertainty in the terms, reach out to customer support for help. Some of these terms you are to read have been discussed earlier. They include the wagering requirements, the validity period, the maximum bet, casino bonus codes and more.

It’s also not enough to just read and understand them. You must also decide whether they are reasonable for you or not.

Consider Your Budget

Your budget should always be a factor to consider before claiming a bonus at an African casino. It is best that you have a gambling budget, maybe per day, week, or month. In whatever you do betting online never goes beyond this budget.

Strict budgeting is a way to prevent yourself from damaging your finances through gambling. Therefore, make sure your budget can cover the demands of a bonus before committing to it.

What is the minimum deposit for this bonus? What is the amount I want to get from this bonus? These and more are the important quotations you should ask with recourse to how much you have with you.

Consider Your Gaming Preferences

A bonus may be attractive with reasonable wagering requirements but may not be it for you. Thus, you should consider only claiming promos that align with your gaming objectives.

For one, some bonuses are only usable in a game category or genre. A case in point is free spins which are exclusive to slot titles. If you’re the type with a knack for table games, it’s pointless stressing yourself over a free spin bonus.

Some online casinos in Africa also offer special bonuses for live casinos. If you are not a sucker for live dealer games, claiming such a bonus is as good as worthless.

A category-specific bonus may also restrict its use to just one or two of the many games under the category. For instance, a free spin bonus only be for a specific slot title. Let’s say 20 free spins for the game Gonzo’s quest. In that case, you can’t use the spins for any other slot game.

Pros & Cons about casino bonuses in Africa

Advantages and Disadvantages of Casino Bonuses

There are many benefits casino bonuses in Africa offer you when you claim them. However, it’s important you also see things from the other end. Despite their many advantages, they also come with a few downsides.

Knowing both the pros and cons gives you a balanced outlook toward them. This will help you make an informed choice when it comes to activating these bonuses. As we continue, some of these advantages and disadvantages will be discussed in detail.


Opportunity to Get Free Money

Casino bonuses give you an opportunity to earn free money. Whether it’s a direct cash bonus or some other form, they let you play to earn real money. This is especially so for budget gamers without sufficient money to play their favourite games.

All you have to do is make a deposit and increase its value to play your preferred titles. You don’t even need to make any deposit if it’s a no-deposit bonus. You just need to register with the casino and you can claim free money. 

Ability to Play For a Longer Period

With limited cash, there’s only so much you can do which may affect your gaming experience. However, bonuses can help you play for longer and enhance the experience. They boost your gaming balance and the bigger the bonus is, the longer you can play your favourite titles.

You Can Check Out New Games for Free

Some casino bonuses are designed to be used only for new games at a casino. This is very common with free spins in welcome packages or even as a standalone bonus.

Also, it may not be for new game but an old title. But then, that may be your opportunity to play the game for the first time. Popular slots like Mega Moolah, Gonzo’s Quest, and Immortal Romance among others tend to enjoy such status.

By taking advantage of the bonus, you can explore these games and learn their basics. You can even use them to play jackpot games and win big. By the way, this is what you would have done with your own money. Thankfully, such bonuses provide a cushion for you in that regard.

Opportunity to Win Large With Little

Bonuses aren’t just free cash. They also give you the chance to win bonus cash and other rewards in your bets. Many African casinos offer more than welcome bonuses. Cashback, reloads, and VIP and high-roller bonuses are some of the bonuses you can get as an existing player.

It doesn’t stop there, you can also participate in tournaments and races with a chance to win rewards and prizes. Most of these promotions come with huge rewards of cash, free spins and more. For instance, in a VIP program, the higher your tier, the bigger your rewards.


Wagering Requirements Can Be Frustrating

We have previously talked about wagering requirements and what they are. They are a major reason why some players in Africa don’t get excited by the prospects of a bonus or promotion.

You will have to wager through the bonus amount or worse still, both the bonus and the initial deposit. This is usually challenging because you wouldn’t just be making stakes to clear the requirements. The stakes must also bring frequent wins.

It’s possible to lose all winnings while attempting to clear playthrough requirements if your playing sessions end up in losses.

Game Restrictions

Some casino bonuses come with game restrictions. That is, you can only use the bonus for a limited amount of games. Once again, free spins are the perfect example as they are only usable for slot titles.

The bonus terms may go further and say you can only use the bonus for one or two specific titles. These restrictions also apply to bet limits and win limits.

For many of these bonuses, there is a limit to the number of wagers you can make at a time. There’s also a limit to the amount you can win using some bonuses. It is important that you know all these before activating the offer.

Confusing Terms and Conditions 

Some casinos couch their bonuses in unclear terms and conditions. Some are deliberate, some aren’t. But know that reading the terms isn’t the same as understanding them.

If the terms are misleading, just reading them may not suffice. If you go ahead and claim the bonus without.

Can I Claim a Casino Bonus in a Mobile Casino? 

Mobile compatibility has become a distinguishing trait of top casinos in the iGaming industry. Almost everyone now wants to enjoy their favourite casinos on the go. Thankfully, many casinos in Africa are adjusting to this reality.

Thus, it’s a delight to our team that many casinos in the continent let you claim casinos on mobile. There are two ways these mobile casinos and their bonuses function:

Special Mobile Casino Bonuses

At times, a casino may have mobile-exclusive bonuses for people who love to play on the go. However, there are only a few casinos in Africa that offer this.

What this means is that the promo is not available for desktop users. To enjoy them you must be a mobile user of the African casino.

FAQ about Online Casino Bonuses in African casinos


  • How do I pick the best bonus offers at a casino in Africa?

    There are certain factors to consider which will help you in selecting the best bonuses. These include the credibility of the online casino, your budget, the reasonableness or otherwise of the bonus terms and more.

  • Do I need promo codes to claim bonuses at African casinos?

    You may or may not need a promo code to claim a bonus. This depends largely on the African casino and the bonus in question. The codes are often included in the bonus description so you shouldn’t have a hard time finding them.

  • Are welcome bonuses at casinos worth it for African players?

    Welcome bonus casino offers in Africa are generally attractive. They also tend to come with reasonable terms and conditions with only a few exceptions. Therefore, welcome offers at African casinos are worth a try.

  • What benefits do I get from claiming bonus offers at African casinos?

    There are many perks African casinos let you enjoy when you activate them. You can get money offers to play games or withdraw in cash. You can also get free spins to play slot games. In addition, VIP packages let you enjoy special offers like birthday treats, a personal manager, exclusive events and more.

  • What type of bonuses can I claim at African casinos apart from welcome offers?

    There are many other bonuses you can enjoy at casinos in Africa after registration. We have cashback, reloads, VIP rewards, tournaments, free spin offers, and high-roller bonuses among others. These are mostly classified as loyalty bonuses.