Make Swift Payments in African Online Casinos with Neteller 

This payment method is famous across the plains of Africa, especially by online casino bettors. Characteristically, it may just be the most popular banking system on African online gambling sites. Neteller is available in nearly all top-tier casinos across the continent.

Neteller opened its doors in 1999 and did not start processing transactions until mid-2000. This payment solution caters to about 90% of the world’s online gambling population. However, now, it caters to the needs of punters in African online casinos, too.

Neteller is a part of the big Fintech group – “Paysafe.” Know the limiting and defining factors that have contributed to Neteller’s success over the years by reading on. 

The Tricks Behind Neteller’s Admiration Among African Punters

There are many reasons why players across Africa drift towards using this payment method. We have some of these below:

  1. Easy registration processes: You can easily register online on the Neteller website. It takes no more than a minute with a fast internet connection. Also, you will only have to provide primary documents like business certification and proof of address to verify your account. 
  2. Rewards: These benefits contribute massively to individuals’ interest in Neteller. However, these benefits are more pronounced for high spenders. If you are one, at one point, you would unlock the Neteller VIP status and enjoy more comprehensive limits and lower transactional fees, among others. 
  3. Fiat and crypto payments: One of the characteristics of Neteller that places it above its peers is its ability to process both fiat and cryptocurrency payments. So, be it Dollars or Bitcoin, you are good to go with Neteller. 

Knowing Your Spending Bounds with Neteller

Transactional limits vary from one account to another. You can always find your limits on your dashboard at every point. These bounds depend on multiple factors, and they include the following:

  1. Identity verification: You can increase your starting limit by providing a series of identification documents, including your national ID card, driver’s license, and birth certificate, among others. Once Neteller verifies your identity to be accurate, your transaction limits will automatically increase to new figures, which you can view on your dashboard. 
  2. Address verification: Another verification you have to make is your location. However, this one is easy. Put on your GPS locator function on your mobile phone or computer. Neteller then automatically syncs in your area. With complete verifications across all necessary parameters, you shall get increased deposit and withdrawal limits. 
  3. Card verification: Another verification you may eventually carry out is for your Net+ card. You can always use the “Increase Limit” option behind the card picture when you log into your Neteller account. Like your account, your card also possesses certain limits.  
  4. Rolling effect: Depending on your current rolling period, you may have increased transaction limits during these times. These rolling periods could be daily, weekly, or monthly. When you make a transaction and effect a rolling period, you may experience increased limits until this period ends. 

Reasons Why You Should Select Neteller Over Others

Earlier in this review, we identified certain factors that seemingly contribute to this payment scheme’s likeness among individuals who frequent online casinos in Africa. However, the following are additional reasons why Neteller is a better option than most of its peers:

  1. PSD2 Open APIs: This payment service directive has been effective since September 2019. This act became law to improve the safety of customers’ transactions on online payment schemes. Methods like Neteller exist to allow the openness of processed transactions to certified local financial authorities. However, Neteller made sure to up its level of authentication for its users. 
  2. Modern Slavery Act: Members of the Paysafe Group, including Neteller, adopted this act to dissociate themselves from the possibility of unwanted associations with individuals involved in modern slavery, regardless of the form it comes in. Neteller is known to reiterate its commitment to rooting out such evil from within the reach of the payment platform.

Start Now By Registering On Neteller

The sign-up process is direct. Follow the steps below to proceed:

  1. visit the Neteller website –
  2. on the top right corner, click on “JOIN NOW;”
  3. enter your name as registered in your ID card;
  4. provide your location information;
  5. input an active email address;
  6. choose a not-easy-to-guess password;
  7. click on “Register” to conclude this process.

After you have successfully registered on Neteller, you can proceed to log in. Afterwards, we advise that you present the necessary documents to verify your identity, location, and Mastercard validity. 

Deposits Made Easy with Neteller

Top up your gambling account with fiat or crypto funds easily by doing the following:

  1. log into your casino account;
  2. find your way to the payment section and select Neteller;
  3. provide the necessary card details for your payment;
  4. choose the amount you wish to deposit;
  5. click on” deposit” or the equivalent button to proceed.

Once you conclude your payment process, you can expect your account to receive the funds almost instantly. However, you may incur certain charges depending on your depositing amount.

Quick Cash Returns with Neteller

The withdrawal process is no less as direct as deposits. The process remains the same, except that you are now making a withdrawal. The completion period differs most significantly between the deposit and withdrawal processes. 

It takes longer for withdrawals to reach your Neteller account. It could take two to three banking days or even more. Also, your limits depend on the same factors that apply to deposit transactions. 

Neteller Might Not Be Perfect in Its Entirety

Many users have accused this payment scheme of having relatively high charges. Aside from this downside, we can consider Neteller a near-perfect platform. You can always rely on Neteller to deliver payments on almost any African casino. 


How do I increase my transaction limit?

There are a couple of ways to facilitate the increase of your transaction limits. First, you must fulfil all verifications for your identity, location, and card. Another route to go through is enjoying the benefits of rolling periods. 

How safe is Neteller?

Neteller is one of the safest platforms you can use for your African online casino payments. Do not worry, as encryption laws, acts, and policies are in place to protect your interests and your funds.

Can I make withdrawals with Neteller?

Yes. You can cash out your winnings from your gaming account. Specific fees do apply, including conversion charges. In addition, withdrawals may often take up to three banking days to reach completion. 

Are transactions free on Neteller?

Transactions are safe but not exactly free on Neteller. You may need to convert from one currency to another, and you will undoubtedly attract charges for it. 


Neteller might invariably be the most significant Fintech innovation to rise from the ashes of Africa. The payment scheme is widely known and popular, mostly with online gambling casinos and African punters. One significant property distinguishing it from its peers is its allowance for fiat and crypto payments.