Kazang – Banking Method for Southern African Punters

This payment system is only accessible to Africans in the southern part of the continent, which includes countries like South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, and Zambia. Kazang renders many payment services to the inhabitants of these countries.

This financial institution is a part of the Connect Group of Companies, and its base is down south in Milnerton, Cape Town. It remains pretty unfortunate that the accessibility span of Kazang is limited to about four countries out of the 54 situated in Africa. 

However, if you are ever in the undulating grasslands of Botswana, South Africa, Namibia, or the land of the “Smoke that Thunders” – Zambia, we recommend using the Kazang voucher system for any gambling-related transactions.  

Unraveling the Mystery Behind the Popularity of Kazang

The news of this payment method may not be widespread across Africa. However, it remains trendy among the Southern Africans. Why? The reasons include the following:

  1. The Ease to Set-Up: Setting up an account with Kazang is pretty straightforward. Once your account is up and running, you can always purchase vouchers, and whenever you need to top up your gambling account, you may do so quickly.
  2. Safety and Security: One of the properties of Kazang that puts it in a sweet spot with the Southern African locals is the assurance of never-failing safety and security of funds. The payment network has safely handled over 500 million transactions in the last decade.
  3. Allows for Both Deposits and Withdrawals: Once you purchase a Kazang voucher by electronically transferring funds from authorized banks, you can deposit directly into your casino accounts. You can also withdraw your winnings back the same way.
  4. No Transaction Fees: Kazang charges little to no fees for deposits or withdrawals. You can get information related to these processes in the payment section of your preferred African online gambling site. 

Transactional Limits – Maintaining Caution on Your Spendings

For the sake of responsible gambling, most African casinos often curtail how much you can deposit or withdraw at once on their site. Often, these limits are vice versa, reliant on the casino’s policy and the allowances made available by peculiar payment systems.

Generally speaking, you can deposit as low as $5, using the Kazang payment method, into your gambling account. Likewise, you can withdraw as much as $10,000 in one month using Kazang as your payment choice. 

The Greater Good to Choosing Kazang Over Other Banking Systems

  1. Budget Management: Unlike other payment methods that allow you extensive limits, thus causing you to spend without bounds, Kazang helps individuals better manage their funds through its reasonable transactional limits. However, this property only speaks to its suitability for casual punters in African online casinos.
  2. All Transactions are Electronic: You do not have to go to a bank or an ATM machine to transfer your funds from your Kazang wallet to your gaming account. All you need to do to make transfers back and forth is on your Kazang and gambling app.
  3. Partnership with Other Voucher Systems: By partnering with two popular voucher payment methods in the southern region of Africa – Blu and OTT- punters can transact much more quickly. 
  4. No Middleman, Agent, or Merchant: You need not have to pass through an intermediary to fund your gaming account on African online casinos. 
  5. Cashless and Cardless Transfers: For one, Kazang voids you of the need to have cash at hand for gambling transactions. Also, you do not need a credit or debit card to send or receive money. All you need is your Kazang 12-digit voucher pin, and you are set.

It is Now or Never – Register on Kazang Now

Registering as a vendor with this payment network is relatively easy. Follow the steps below to do so:

After submission, the company will vet your application and contact you afterward. A Kazang representative would eventually visit your enterprise to install the Point of Sale (POS) device. Later, you can purchase vouchers for yourself and others, which you can use to top up various gambling accounts. 

Master the Art of Easy Deposit with Kazang

Be aware that you must be a Kazang vendor or visit one to purchase a voucher, which you can use to top up your gambling account. You can make this purchase using your debit or credit card. Likewise, you have to make sure your chosen casino offers Kazang payment.

Follow the steps below to credit your casino account using this voucher:

Kazang Safe Withdrawal: Enjoy Your Winnings as They Come

You can not cash out using the voucher you used for your deposit. However, due to Kazang’s partnerships, you can always withdraw using the MTN-MoMo cash-in, cash-out, and Standard Bank Instant Money redemptions.

Nevertheless, you must be sure your chosen casino offers these withdrawal options. If not, you may have to diversify and choose a different withdrawal option. In addition, Kazang withdrawals are safe, fast, and free of transactional charges. 

Downsides to Using Kazang Banking System

The main disadvantage to using this payment method is its low limits. Kazang may be unsuitable for high rollers in African online casinos. We advise punters in this category to seek another option for use.

Another downside to using Kazang is its reach. As mentioned earlier in this article, Kazang is only accessible in South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, and Namibia. Unfortunately, the rest of Africa may never enjoy the benefits of this payment system. 


Can I use Kazang in Western Africa?

Unfortunately, accessibility to this banking network is only possible in four countries in the Southern part of Africa, namely South Africa, Zambia, Namibia, and Botswana. 

Is the Kazang website available in native languages?

To avoid the meanings of words getting lost in translation, the management of Kazang decided against making their website contents available in native languages such as Nyanja, Oshiwambo, and Setswana. Hence, the website language is English alone.

Do I need to pay transactional charges to top up my gambling account?

Fortunately, Southern African gamblers do not have to pay extra to deposit into their casino accounts. Once they purchase a voucher using their bank cards from a Kazang vendor, they can load the paid-for voucher amount directly into their gambling account.

How do I become a Kazang vendor?

Visit the official Kazang account, fill out the contact form, and wait for their team to contact you. Soon enough, if your request is approved, their representative will visit your establishment and install their device. Then, you have become a vendor. 

In what ways can I carry out local transfers?

With partnerships with MoMo cash-in and cash-out and Standard Bank Instant Money redemptions, you can make deposits and withdrawals locally. 


Kazang is a payment system available for use only in the southern lands of Africa. If you perhaps find yourself visiting the safaris of South Africa, Zambia, Botswana, or the dunes of Namibia, do not forget to use Kazang for your gambling transactions. 

Kazang is safe and secure, and fund transfers are quick in transit. Likewise, payments are free of charge. Kazang majorly operates as a voucher system for top-ups of gambling accounts, but with partnerships with MoMo and Standard Bank, you can also make withdrawals.