Take Charge Financially with GCash and Hone Your Gambling Experience

The great Fintech payment solutions kicked off in the last ten years. In 2015, GCash came to light, and this was because of Mynt – a top-tier Philippine-based company.

GCash ever since has made the payment for purchases stress-free and entirely mobile. The developer aims to turn our smartphones into a wallet where you can make cashless transactions. 

Africans in home-based casinos would find this feature attractive, knowing they can pay into their casino account instantly, using their mobile phones and from across Africa. 

Instead of costs being on your phone bill, credit card, or bank accounts, it would be to GCash once you register an account with them. So, you do not need to have a traditional bank account to use GCash. Know more as you read on. 

Why GCash is Popular with Bettors

There are clear explanations for why this banking system may be popular with African punters. One is having all your payment transactions done from your mobile phone through the GCash App. So, now, you can make payments on the go.

On the other hand, casino players can get a GCash Mastercard and use it for their payments on whatever coast, grassland, rainforest, or desert land they might find. However, there have been complaints from users about this payment method.

Regardless of these complaints, there were also many warm regards for its functionality and accessibility. Punters also find it almost impossible to get a casino platform where this payment option is available in Africa, but once they do, they never let go. 

GCash in Comparison to Other African Casino Payment Methods

With reportedly 20 million users across this platform in review, the popularity factor is very distinguishing when you compare it to other banking systems – and of course, we now know why GCash is popular.

Most payment methods require entering your bank details or card pins or visiting a merchant to purchase voucher codes. However, all you need to operate and pay with GCash is register with them and create your MPIN (Mobile PIN), which is four digits.

So, now that you have the GCash application and your MPIN, you can make transfers or receive payments from wherever, especially off gambling casinos, and whenever you may want it. The capability of GCash, for now, is limitless. 

Limits and Charges On Top of Payments 

However surreal you may feel already, be aware you are about to get blown away when you realize that transactions are completely free of extra charges at GCash – except when it comes to the issues of currency conversions where you might experience certain deductions or increases. 

About the payment limits, it is reasonable to factor in the online casino you have chosen to play on. Moreover, before that, the GCash basic plan would limit you to a wallet size of 50,000 PHP. Also, deposits and withdrawals cap off at 10,000 PHP. 

However, if you are on the fully verified plan on GCash, you are entitled to a wallet size of 100,000 PHP and max limits of 100,000 PHP. So, the key is to be fully verified. Also, this property points to the fact that GCash would be very suitable for high-rollers’ transactions. 

Nevertheless, if we are to factor in African casinos’ bias regarding payment limits, these amounts could vary whether you are on the basic or fully verified plan. So, the key is to research your chosen gambling platform and acclimate to its requirements.

Registration Vis-a-Vis Transactions

To start enjoying the full benefits of GCash, you must register with the payment network. To do this, follow the laid out procedures below:

  1. visit the GCash official website – https://www.gcash.com/get-started;
  2. on the homepage, click on the “Register” button;
  3. follow the ensuing steps to become an official owner of an account with GCash.

Once you are a verified customer of GCash, you can start transacting away with your application on your mobile phone. So therefore, you can deposit and withdraw funds away from your casino account as you like it. 

The Relative Pros and Cons of the GCash Payment Network

The following are the advantages of using the GCash for all your casino-related payments:

  1. You do not have to own a bank account to use GCash. Especially in areas where banks or ATMs might not be easily accessible, you can always turn to GCash to save the day.
  2. No sharing of information with the third party: You do not have to share your data or give them to a merchant. All you need is your mobile phone, application, and GCash account.
  3. Deposits and withdrawals are extensively instant: You do not have to wait for long when you deposit into your casino account before you can start playing with your newly assigned funds. 

On the other hand, there is a downside to using GCash. You might encounter some charges or additional fees in terms of currency exchanges when transacting using this payment method. Regardless, the pros outweigh the cons. 

Security and Anti-laundering Policy

The security factor is the focal point that can attest to the reason for GCash’s popularity. No one aside from yourself can access your app unless they have your MPIN. Therefore, only you can make transfers from your mobile phone and no one else.

You will use this PIN to confirm payments made into or from your GCash account. With this level of security, there is a reduction to zero third-party access and the possibility of money laundering through the app.

In case you need any more information to satisfy all your curiosities further, you can reach out to the available support lines:

  1. Use the “Chat with Gigi” option on the official site.
  2. Call 2882 (toll-free) or (02) 7213-9999 (charges apply).
  3. You can always read GCash articles to see relevant ones to your issues.


How do I use GCash to pay at my favorite African online casino?

Ensure that your chosen casino offers this particular payment method. Then, proceed to the banking section on the website. After selecting GCash on the list of options, fill in the appropriate information, including your GCash login and desired deposit amount.

Is GCash the best?

GCash is not the best option for you. However, we were able to outline the multiple excellent properties of this payment method, reading into why you should choose it for all your online gambling transactions.

How fast are GCash deposits?

Deposits are instant at GCash. Before you blink twice, your funds are already in your gambling account, and you start winning immediately.

Is it safe to use GCash?

Yes. Once your MPIN is safe with you, only you will be able to make transactions or even access the GCash app to begin with.

Can I use GCash for withdrawals?

Yes, you can withdraw your winnings straight back into your GCash wallet. It follows the same procedure as deposits. 


GCash is conveniently available with the best payment methods in African online casinos. They have the numbers to show, and 20 million users is not a joke. You may need to make some gambling-related transactions; GCash should be your go-to.